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 Crosscare Youth Information is delighted to be awarded two Irish ERYICA Quality Labels—one for Dun Laoghaire as part of the Pilot Phase and, more recently, Wicklow Youthspin.

They were among eight youth information services that became Ireland’s first youth information services to be awarded the Irish ERYICA Quality Label.

The Award Ceremony was held at a Gala Dinner during the Infonomics Conference in Tipperary.

The Quality Label is a tool that helps us be assured of the quality of our youth information services, but it also assures young people that the information they receive is correct, accurate, unbiased and reliable.


The process and receiving the Quality Label Award has been hugely beneficial to our services:

  • It provided us with an opportunity to review and assess our work – It required us as a service to reflect on various aspects of practice based on the principles of Youth Information.
  • It allowed us to identify areas of our work that require more focus and ensure the development of these areas in the future. This will result in an improvement in our provision and practices.
  • As the Label is similar to the National Quality Standards Framework process that most youth services have completed over the last number of years, it is a visible and understandable endorsement to funders and other stakeholders that Crosscare Youth Information Service has demonstrated high-quality service delivery.
  • We are proud to show off the Quality Label and what it means – it is on our website, displayed in our Centre’s, and in our correspondence. It confirms that our approach ensures that our information is correct, accurate, unbiased, accessible and reliable.
  • We let young people know that the Quality Label means they can trust the information provided, and it opens the conversation about reliable information. It ultimately leads to better outcomes for the young people availing of our services.


Information you can trust :