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The Crosscare Youth Information Service is committed to providing the highest standard of information. Our information is reliable, unbiased, accurate, and easy to understand.

We have meticulously developed a comprehensive evidence-informed model of youth information practice to ensure this, a model that guides our work with utmost precision.

Our challenge was to design a relevant and practical model of service delivery that anticipates the growing need for quality service that provides the support our young people need now and into the future as they navigate this modern world.

The central belief of our work is that every young person has a right to full and reliable information.

This Model of Service Delivery: 

  • Links what we do with what we want to achieve and strives to communicate the true value of our work.
  • Sets out our approach, rooted in youth work principles and underpinned by ERYICA (The European Youth Information and Counselling Agency) guiding principles.
  • Demonstrate how we effectively deliver our services through varied methods, staff competency, and effective management practices.
  • Outlines our measurement framework, which links what we do with what we want to achieve. It includes a clear process for evaluating and gathering evidence for our work, which allows us to communicate the true value of our work and demonstrate the impact youth information has on the lives of the young people who use our service.

The development of this Model will result in quality of service and support for vulnerable young people. We want it to be a beacon that will help guide and support young people in making informed choices based on real truth so that they can grow, develop, and achieve their full potential.

Download here