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 We are thrilled to announce that a group of talented young people from our Ballybough Youth Service will have their films screened at this weekend’s International Dublin Festival.

Joining international superstars such as Paul Mescal, whose new movie is also on offer at this weekend’s festival, two short films created by our young people will be screened in the Odeon and Lighthouse Cinemas.

The Eviction was written and directed by Kyle Hogan Bennet. It tells the difficult story of a young person and his mother who become homeless when their landlord evicts them for failing to keep up with rent payments. Kyle explores the challenges involved for a student trying to keep up with school work and friends from homeless accommodations far from his locality.

The second short film, The Steps, was written and directed by Courtney Dunne. Courtney takes the viewer through grim scenes where young friends have to negotiate drug dealing and harassment when simply wanting to get home at the end of the day.

Both films came about as part of a collaborative arts project with the NEIC (North East Inner City)

They will be screened on Sunday 26th February in the Lighthouse Cinema at 2 pm and again on Tuesday 28th February in the Odeon Cinema at the 3 Arena at 5 pm/

Congratulations to everyone involved, and if you would like a preview of their work, both films are now available on YouTube.

The Eviction, written and directed by Kyle Hogan Bennett

The Eviction Film

The Steps, written and directed by Courtney Dunne

The Steps Film