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Crosscare has 500 staff and over 1,500 fantastic volunteers in locations throughout the greater Dublin area & Wicklow.

Our senior management team is made up of the Chief Executive Officer, Conor Hickey.  Yvonne Fleming is the senior manager for Community Services and Gordon Hill is Senior Manager for Homeless Services. Our Senior Managers for Crosscare Youth Services are Ger Magee and Greg Tierney. Niamh O’ Hara is Crosscare’s Director of Finance. Our Director of Human Resources is Briona Sheils.

Every person, service user, volunteer and staff member are equally valued in Crosscare.

Crosscare encourages the concept of servant leadership at all levels of the organisation. This philosophy suggests that every person can become a leader by first serving and then, through conscious choice‚ leading.

People talk about Crosscare in a way that says we made them feel better about themselves by coming to Crosscare.  What’s special in Crosscare is the “hello”, the care, the cup of tea. That’s what we mean when we talk about respect, the things that make people feel valued and special.

Our Team Stories

John M. Gregg

Manager, Youth Services

I am the manager of Lucan Youth Service. My job is to manage the team and ensure we are doing our best to meet the needs of the young people that come to our service; by helping them and empowering them to become the best, they can be.

What I love about Crosscare is that we are a servant leadership organisation. It explains what we do every day. It is a very inclusive, caring, supportive agency. Everyone looks out for everyone else, staff, clients, young people, visitors – everyone. What you see and experience reflects what we are, a caring, compassionate, respectable agency.

Crosscare has empowered me to grow and develop. The support is second to none. Crosscare has been there by my side through some bad and upsetting times; they never left my side and believed in me and what I do. It’s been a home away from home, where you want to be and with people you like being around.

Being part of the Crosscare family is so important. It gives me purpose and direction. Everyone is treated equally and with respect and understanding. Every day is a different day – no two days are the same. No two situations or young people are the same. I get to paint on a blank canvas every day, and the colours I get to use are the needs of those we serve under the strategy and ethos of Crosscare.

Louise Lawless

Manager, Community Food Services

By creating the Crosscare Community Cafés, we sent out the message that you are welcome through our doors, and everyone receives the same welcome no matter who you are. When people come in, they see it’s like a regular café – people are laughing, having the Craic. It’s a social environment. People connect, have chats, and help each other out. The food can be a secondary issue – that’s why they come through the doors, but they get so much more when they are in.

Crosscare has always been there for me – even in tough times. They support you personally and professionally in your career, always ready to push you and boost you – without putting you under pressure. And they believe in you; they believe in their staff. I have heard it said so many times– we have some of the most talented people in Ireland, and there is nothing we cannot do when we work together. And our roles are all developing; there is always something new to try, something else to take on – you are always meeting different people. It never stays the same.

Blessing Dada

Relief Youth Worker

Some days it’s difficult to dream. We’ve all experienced those days. Each young person is on their own individual journey, and where it will take them can’t be predicted. No matter what the young person goes on to do in their lives, they will take something with them that will benefit them in ways we cannot even imagine. I say this because I am an example of one of them.

Hardship is something I’ve always known my whole life. Growing up, I didn’t always understand why certain things happened. Going through the Crosscare Youth service from the age of 13 onwards helped me massively. The support and knowledge poured into me helped shape a part of who I am today.

A lot has happened with being unemployed, going through homelessness, experiencing a pandemic, loneliness, and so much more. Crosscare was there. It has always been a dream to give back and contribute one day, and this inspired my activism, degree, and personal development.

With my lived experiences, current studies and awareness of different social justice issues in society, I truly believe Crosscare is something special to society. I hope to do my best to represent diversity and inclusion for the children and youth in Irish society and share their hopes and aspirations. I hope to be as good as other youth workers. I look forward to developing supportive relationships with young people and staff and being a part of opening their eyes to new experiences and increasing confidence, ambition, and empathy.

Niamh Plunkett

Social Care Worker, Homeless Services

My Journey with Crosscare began when I attended Teen Counselling as a service user. I returned as a Level 5 Social Studies Student to do my work experience in the Boylan Youth Centre and the Crosscare Café. I then became a volunteer.

I progressed to BA (Hons) Degree in Social Care and did one of my placements in Crosscares Family Hub. During this year, I joined the support worker/Social Care worker relief panel, which enabled me to work in most of the homeless services within Crosscare.

I now am a fully qualified Social Care worker. I currently work with people who are experiencing homelessness and support and empower them in various areas. I have recently started a full-time position in Crosscare’s Bentley House.

What I like best in Crosscare is the ethos and the culture within the organisation. Any team I have worked with within Crosscare has always been supportive and understanding and guided me in areas I needed.

Crosscare has made a difference by initially being where I could go to get the support I needed. For example, I was supported by the Youth Information Service to appeal my SUSI grant application which took many months of emailing and calling SUSI. I eventually was granted it in the end with the support of the Youth Information Staff. Getting the SUSI grant allowed me to go to college.

Crosscare is an amazing organisation to work with; it also has many career opportunities and ways to continuously develop and learn.

Arron Burns

Homeless Services, Amiens Street

I heard that Crosscare was opening a new homeless service in 2015 and were looking for volunteers. I began volunteering there and knew soon afterwards that I would like to continue working in this area as I could see the great work done by Crosscare.

I support people experiencing homelessness to secure private rented accommodation with HAP. This involves arranging and attending viewings, working with clients and landlords to complete their applications and ensuring the right supports are in place for when they move on from homeless services.

The services provided by Crosscare are always to a very high standard. Crosscare encourages both staff and clients to be the best they can be, make their own decisions, and make progress as a person. I have been supported very well as an employee and feel valued and respected.

Crosscare has made a difference by supporting me in my development as a person and my career. They do this by providing me with the resources to help others. Crosscare has helped fund my education and has provided me with valuable training which I can use to help others.

I appreciate the time I have spent volunteering and working for Crosscare over the last few years. It has been a very valuable experience, and I am glad to be here. The positive outcomes of Amiens Street are my favourite part of the job, and a lot of people’s lives have completely changed for the better due to the hard work of the team and the resources provided by Crosscare.

Paula Harris

Manager, Community Food Services

I have worked in three different Crosscare services – Portland Row, Holles Row and Dun Laoghaire since 1992. I have seen all sides of poverty in my time with Crosscare. The one thing that doesn’t change is how we treat people – with love, respect and dignity. That is what has kept me with Crosscare – how we treat the clients – how we treat each other. The look of poverty has changed – Ireland was a different country back then – but we see people who look like you and me now. People who had cars had homes and now find themselves back down the ladder – people just scraping to get by, to break even. If you find yourself unemployed, suffering from addiction or mental health problems – it’s not easy to muster up the energy to find the help you need.

We meet many people who are on their own, isolated – they could be older, or their families have other commitments. We see many people who have addiction problems – both alcohol and drugs. And people who are homeless.

I often think the Cafés should have the theme music from Cheers “Where everybody knows your name”! People come to us not knowing anyone, but they will know everyone within a week. It is such a social space for people. The volunteers and staff are terrific – they get people talking.

Crosscare is like a family to me. Over the years, I have seen how well staff are supported, especially in difficult moments in life. You are never working on your own – you are always part of a team. We are all encouraged to be the best version of ourselves.

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