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Vision & Mission

Crosscare has a vision of a society where all people have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and a mission to help those most in need.


Crosscare has three core values that define what we stand for – Love, Respect, and Excellence.

Our values are stated in the first-person singular to emphasise that it is the personal responsibility of all of us to uphold these values.

It is in the thousands of everyday interactions between people that our staff, volunteers and service users bring these values to life.

Servant Leadership

We work to develop the concept of servant leadership‚ a philosophy which suggests that every person can become a leader by first serving and then, through conscious choice‚ leading.


Our Strategy: Faith to Action Plan 2024-2029

Crosscare Faith to Action Plan 2024 -2029

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Corporate Support

Crosscare is working with businesses to make real and positive changes to those most in need in.

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