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Our Governance

We view our governance structure to be of utmost importance to enable us to deliver our services effectively in a manner that holds us accountable to all interested parties including our service users, funders, staff and volunteers. We aim to comply with best practice in relation to corporate governance requirements, using the guidance set out in the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice as the minimum standard to apply.

Crosscare is a registered business name of St. Laurence O’Toole Catholic Social Care Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in Ireland, Company Number: 605749.

Registered Office: 2 Saint Mary’s Place North, Dublin, D07 Y768

Governance Structure

Overall responsibility for the work of the agency is vested in our non-executive board of Directors who are appointed by the Archbishop of Dublin. Board members are appointed for a period of three years and can be re-appointed for a further term.
Our Board members bring with them to the organisation a high level of expertise across the areas of social service provision, business & marketing, human resource management, governance & management practice, accountancy & resource management, church, community & ethos management. Council members act in a voluntary capacity and do not receive any remuneration in respect of their contribution.
There are 10 Board meetings held each year. The CEO, Director of Finance and Director of HR attend these meetings. Minutes are recorded and maintained in accordance with the Companies Act 2014.
In addition to Board meetings, Board members participate in ongoing and ad hoc sub-committees including specifically the areas of Audit Risk, Remuneration & Corporate Governance. These committees comprise Board members and the Director of Finance. The terms of reference of these committees are to review the major strategic, business and operational risks to which Crosscare is exposed and to ensure that appropriate structures and procedures are in place to minimise the potential impact on Crosscare should any of the risks materialise.

Current Board


  • Evelyn Cregan (Chairperson)
  • David Clancy (Treasurer)
  • Declan Harmon
  • Sr. Marian Hart
  • Frank O’Connell
  • Gerry Whyte

Operational Management Overview

Day to day responsibility for the implementation of the agency’s programmes is located with the Chief Executive Officer, Conor Hickey, who is also an appointee of the Archbishop. The Board and the CEO are resourced and supported in their respective roles, duties, and responsibilities by approximately 500 employees and a substantial contribution from volunteer workers.
The CEO is supported by a Senior Management team comprising of the following areas of service:-

  • Homeless/Residential Care Services
  • Community Services
  • Food Services
  • Youth Services – West Dublin & East Wicklow
  • Youth Services – North, South & Central Dublin
  • HR & Communications
  • Finance, IT & Administration

Charitable Status

Crosscare is a registered charity, registered with the Charities Regulator No. 20169084 and has been granted exemption from certain taxes by the Revenue Commissioners reference: CHY6262.

Audit & Accounts

Crosscare prepares its annual financial statements in accordance with the accounting standards issued by the Financial Reporting Council and published by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland (Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in Ireland). These financial statements are audited on an annual basis and full audited accounts are provided to funders on an annual basis.

The current external auditors are:-

  • Mazars, Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors,
  • Harcourt Centre,
  • Block 3,
  • Harcourt Road,
  • Dublin 2.

The contract for the provision of auditing services is put out for tender periodically. We are also subject to audits from funders upon request.
A copy of the latest published accounts can be found here:  Crosscare Financial Statements 2022


Crosscare is committed to creating a safe, healthy and inclusive environment for all, particularly the children and young people whom we serve.  We are committed at all times to ensuring their safety and welfare by upholding children’s rights specifically and human rights generally.

You can read our full policy here Child Safeguarding Policy Updated 2022

Data Protection

Crosscare has a responsibility to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality in the safeguarding of information about its service users, staff members and volunteers. Information collection is essential to us fulfilling our duties. Data Protection regulation seeks to give people control of their own personal information and so it confers certain obligations on Crosscare in relation to how personal information is collected and used.  You can read the full  Policy here Crosscare Data Protection Policy



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