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Crosscare is the Social Support Agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin and provides a range of social care, community and youth work services across the Dublin Archdiocese.

We were established back in 1941, and still continue to play a significant role in the provision of services to people affected by poverty in the Dublin area. We are making significant efforts to improve the quality of service and environment on offer within our sector. In early 2013, Catholic Youth Care joined with Crosscare to form one organisation.

Currently, we employ over 500 staff with over 1,500 of volunteers in locations throughout the greater Dublin area & Wicklow. Crosscare aspires to be a service organisation. We want to develop the concept of servant leadership‚ a philosophy which suggests that every person can become a leader by first serving and then, through conscious choice‚ leading.

Advocacy & Social Policy

Advocacy is all about giving voice to an individual or group in order to achieve positive change. Advocacy work can range from a once-off to short-, medium-, long-term interventions. Social justice advocacy or social policy involves efforts to improve practices, procedures, policies, regulation or legislation of state agencies and departments that negatively impact the people we work with. Crosscare is committed to social policy work. This work is built from the ground up through the day-to-day experiences of service users and the work of staff and volunteers.

Organisationally, Crosscare’s development and management of social policy work is detailed in its Social Policy Procedures. One Senior Manager oversees the social policy dimension of Crosscare’s work. Please contact Yvonne Fleming, Senior manager/Social policy, yvonnefleming@crosscare.ie, 087-7696502 for more details and policy documents (see list below) relating to Crosscare’s social policy work, a copy of Crosscare’s social policy procedures incl. committee membership list or for any queries and ideas in relation to social policy.

Governance: Board of Directors:

Overall responsibility for the work of the agency is vested in our non-executive board of Directors who are appointed by the Archbishop of Dublin.  Click here for more details on our Governance and for details for our audited accounts.

Our current Board Members are:-
  • Mr. David Clancy
  • Ms.Evelyn Cregan
  • Mr. Declan Harmon
  • Sr. Marian Harte
  • Mr. Declan McSweeney
  • Mr. Frank O’Connell (Chairman)

Dr. Dermot Farrell , Archbishop of Dublin.

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