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A landlord who refused to sign a HAP (Housing and Welfare Assistance Payment) for his tenant has been ordered to pay her €10,000 in compensation by the Workplace Relations Commission.

Crosscare’s Information and Advocacy service worked tirelessly over many months to try and resolve the matter for the tenant before collaborating with Community Law and Mediation in bringing the case to the WRC.

Read a full report of the decision here WRC Decision Report

Crosscare strongly welcomes this decision from the Workplace Relations Commission, which recognises the discrimination against our client by the landlord, which resulted in severe hardship and loss of income.

We want to thank our Community Law and Mediation colleagues for their exceptional work on this case.

The ruling from the WRC confirms the severe breaches of our client’s basic rights and entitlements – to have a decent home and access support to prevent homelessness, sustain her employment and aid her family’s journey out of poverty.

This case highlights the ongoing need for advocacy and support for vulnerable households living through a housing crisis that has created huge inequalities and imbalances, with tenants feeling powerless and afraid of losing their homes.

We spend much time and resources on similar cases where clients are often reluctant to address matters with their landlords. They need much support in negotiating that relationship and navigating an often-complex housing system.

Crosscare Information and Advocacy has a core focus on homelessness prevention and keeping people in sustainable homes.  The outcome in this instance demonstrates the impact this service can have regarding housing standards, enabling tenants and encouraging landlords to meet their obligations. In the current challenging times, it is critical that funding for homeless prevention services is a priority.