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Following on from the success of our Dundrum Rathdown Youth Team, we are delighted to announce that Crosscare’s Teen Counselling service has achieved an “Investing in Children Membership Award”.
Following evaluation of this vital service for young people and their families the awards organisers said: “It is apparent that Crosscare’s Teen Counselling makes positive changes and strive to implement that change, based on the voices of the young people with whom they work.”

Young people who have used our service and who took part in the assessment gave an array of examples which demonstrated dialogue and change, with significant positive outcomes for their overall well being”

Among the many positive things said about the Teen Counselling by young people themselves were:

“They are very open, if you approached anyone with a change, they were very accepting.”
“I feel like its ok, every time I go there.”
“I was really listened to.”
“Positive changes happen.”

Love, respect, excellence.