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Crosscare’s Lucan Youth Service is the host agency of an Arts Council-funded project, the Big Tree, delivering a unique opportunity to the Transition Year Students of Adamstown Community College. Students look at how they see their community through photography, film, music and the spoken word.

This fantastic venture gives over 100 young people a voice to express how they view their community, what they need, and what needs improvement.   The focus of The Big Tree project is community, belonging and identity. Adamstown will eventually be a town of 30,000 people, but it is still very new and under construction.

The Big Tree project is called after the big tree near Londis, which has long been where young people have gathered in the absence of a youth centre and where the first residents used to come together.

Through the young people, it is hoped to engage the broader population in developing a community organisation that can serve the needs of everyone in this vibrant and diverse new town.

The funding for the programme comes from the Arts Council, South Dublin County Council (SDCC) Arts Office, and SDCC Community Development Department. NOISE Dublin, the Youth Arts programme offered by SDCC’s Arts Office, is also involved.