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Crosscare Information & Advocacy Services

Crosscare Information & Advocacy Service works to provide increased stability and quality of life for vulnerable and marginalised people, including those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We work to support people with low or no income, Irish emigrants and migrants, refugees and asylum seekers living in Ireland. We have three projects:

Crosscare Refugee Service

We work with

  • Refugees, family members of refugees, programme refugees, people with subsidiary protection and leave to remain, international protection applicants and naturalised Irish citizens.
  • We provide culturally sensitive information, advice, support on a range of issues including health and well-being, homelessness, housing, social welfare, international protection and immigration processes.
  • We assist clients with obtaining and renewing their Irish Residence Permit and with their application for travel documents, family reunification, visas and citizenship.

Our Women’s Group supports women who have been through the international protection process or who have come to Ireland through family reunification.

We provide a Somali language clinic with interpreters.

We offer phone, video, email and in-person meetings by appointment.



Mobile: 086-065 6618

Phone: 01-873 2844

Crosscare Migrant Project

We work with

  • Irish emigrants – before leaving, when abroad and when returning home. We provide support and access to services on return to Ireland and bringing non-EU family members home. We also assist in crisis return cases.
  • Migrants into Ireland, who are from outside the EU or who have non-EU family members.  We provide support on immigration permission, family visas and citizenship & residency.
  • We have a Chinese-language clinic with interpreters.

We carry out research, policy development and training.  We provide training to organisations working with our client groups.

We offer phone, video, email and in-person meetings by appointment.



Phone: 01 873 2844 and

Crosscare Housing & Welfare Information

We work with:

  • People at risk of, and experiencing homelessness and struggling to access state and other supports.
  • With a focus on social protection, housing, homelessness and health, we provide information on rights and entitlements and offer advocacy where access to these rights is delayed or denied.
  • We provide a Roma, Romanian and Polish language clinics with interpreters.

We have a specific focus on migrant rights and entitlements, both EU and non-EU. We provide comprehensive training to organisations working with our client group. We represent migrant issues on various forums working to promote the advancement of migrants and their inclusion in Irish society.

We offer phone, video, email and in-meetings by appointment.



Phone: 01 8726775

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