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Youth Diversion Projects (YDPs) are community-based and supported youth development projects which seek to divert young people from becoming involved or further involved in anti-social or criminal behaviour.


YDPs facilitate personal development and promote civic responsibility.


Our YDP Youth Justice workers work directly and alongside young people and their families to assist the young person in making positive changes in their lives.


Working with the Gardai and other community groups, we strive to improve social inclusion, improved access to education, youth-friendly activities and positive social opportunities.


Each young person’s individual needs will be assessed, allowing the Youth Justice Workers to plan and develop tailored interventions. The outcomes for each young person will vary depending on their needs, but they will involve reducing risk factors for offending and an increase in protective factors. Some typical outcomes for YDP participants may include:

  • Improved educational attachment and attainment
  • Reduced substance misuse
  • Increased engagement with pro-social peers
  • Improved parenting effectiveness
  • Increase in pro-social attitudes and behaviours
  • Improved use of leisure/recreation time

Positive outcomes in these areas of a young person’s life have been proven to reduce their likelihood of offending or re-offending.


Youth Diversion Projects are co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union.


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