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What is Crosscare’s Family Support Service?

This service aims to give people the skills to parent a young person, who may have difficult behaviours, in a positive, nurturing and assertive way.

Our Family Support Service aims to encourage and develop more confident, positive and assertive parents and carers, which in turn has a positive effect on the whole family and wider community. We work with families to prevent young people from engaging in anti-social or criminal behaviour, drug dealing or intimidation and to avoid entering the criminal justice system.

We help families to be aware of any underlying issues with the young person. We engage with other services and agencies, on family case conferences and provide practical and therapeutic support for families.

We have an open-door policy to ensure families stay engaged with us for as long as support is needed, preventing them from returning to crisis or if a crisis arises to reengage for intervention.

We work on building strength in families, developing parenting programmes and encouraging peer support which in turn builds stronger communities.

The Family Support service has had a positive impact on so many families who come to us. Parents develop better coping skills, ask for support when they need and feel more in control of their lives.

The majority of young people whose parents have engaged with us have not reoffended. Parents who had the support of our Service have, in many cases, returned to education and taken up employment.

The majority of our families come to us through referrals from other agencies.

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