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This week across all our services, saw the formal launch and even more engagement in our new strategy, Faith to Action 2024-2029.

This is the fourth part of a 20-year plan, which builds on the past 15 years of developing our vision and mission for those most in need.

The process of developing our new plan began in earnest at the start of 2023,  with a meeting of the Board and the Senior Management Team taking a high-level examination of the process and how the strategy would evolve.

A cross-organisational strategy sub-group was established to coordinate the process for the following months.  Every project in Crosscare was involved in identifying and feeding back to the group the issues they were experiencing on the front line and the progress and achievements they would like to see Crosscare reach over the next five years.

Alongside the internal consultation process, speakers were invited to address staff, volunteers, and service users. These included social policy experts, civil society activists for change, stakeholders, and campaigners for social justice. This part of the process was designed to provide further insights into our client group’s issues and the potential for positive, lasting change.

This culminated in a one-day session for the entire organisation in October, where critical topics for inclusion in the final strategy document emerged through workshops and engagement from across Crosscare.

The Faith to Action Strategy has four overarching areas of focus;

  • Great Results for our Service Users
  • Person Centred Culture
  • Effective Service Deliver
  • Governance and Sustainability


From these four key focus points, Crosscare has committed to 10 objectives.


  • Continuously improve our full range of services with young people, people who are homeless, refugees, migrants and those in food poverty.
  • Support our existing services with a collective response across the organisation to addiction and mental health and their effect on our client groups.
  • Unite and engage Crosscare in campaigns that advocate for social change.
  • Target our Resources to individuals and families that are most in need and hardest to reach.
  • Enhance our internal and external communication structures.
  • Develop and promote our programme of well-being and support for staff and volunteers.
  • Recognise and celebrate diversity across our organisation.
  • Continue to develop and strengthen our governance and compliance structures and processes.
  • Develop an organisation-wide policy on sustainable, environment-friendly practices.
  • Ensure we have the resources in place to meet our objectives.

These objectives are supported by 31 practical initiatives that commit the entire Crosscare organisation to deliver over the next five years, and they are always underpinned by our values of love, respect, and excellence.

 View our strategy document here: Crosscare Faith to Action Plan 2024 -2029