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Crosscare’s  Migrant Project has been selected to work with some of Dublin’s leading law firms in helping vulnerable refugees and migrants access essential services and medical treatments.  

Crosscare supports asylum seekers, refugees and migrants on their rights and entitlements and helps them access accommodation and social welfare supports 

Crosscare, in partnership with the PILA (Public Interest Law Alliance), applied for free legal advice to support some of the most vulnerable people coming to them for help.  In recent months, this service is seeing a sharp increase in the number of people coming here with complex needs.  

Of acute concern is a rise in the number of people needing medical attention. In many cases, the immigration status of the person coming to Crosscare is a barrier to them receiving essential treatment. Legal advice and support are often critical in ensuring vulnerable people can access the care they need.  

 Arthur Cox is one of the firms that will offer pro bono advice and support to people referred by Crosscare. Crosscare team members will have access to solicitors from the legal firms during their work.  

 Richard King, manager of Crosscare’s  Migrant Project, warmly welcomed the support , which he said would make a significant impact when trying to secure humanitarian permission and access to essential support for people in crisis situations.