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With the local and European elections taking place on June 7th, Crosscare is working to ensure that as many of our staff, volunteers, and clients as possible have an opportunity to have their voices heard in these critical democratic processes.

Our Youth Information team has developed excellent resources to encourage everyone to register to vote, especially young people who may be voting for the first time.  They have also presented practical, impartial information on how to vote, who can vote, and information on who is running for election.

View the special elections feature on their site here

Anyone resident in Ireland, including new migrants and asylum seekers, can vote in the local elections. Crosscare’s Housing and Welfare team is  holding an information week, distributing resources in several languages to inform our clients of their rights and how they can register.

For the first time, Crosscare is encouraging everyone in our organisation to use their voice when meeting candidates for election to highlight the issues which affect our service users and where we would like to see change implemented for the common good.

We call on all candidates – if elected to use their position to:

  • Invest in homelessness prevention to stop the flow of people into homelessness.
  • Provide for the basic needs of International Protection applicants, including shelter.
  • End youth homelessness.
  • Address the crisis in our care system.
  • Address harmful drug use.


  • Reform the formal education system.
  • Increase investment in youth work and in youth mental health services.
  • Bring welfare payments in line with inflation.
  • Simplify the process and provide in-person support when needed to apply for state and local authority services and payments.