09 October, 2019

Crosscare Reaction to Budget 2020

Budget 2020 finally restores some equality for Jobseekers aged 25 and under: the full adult rate of Jobseeker’s Allowance has been restored, however, those experiencing homelessness are left out in the cold.

Crosscare welcomes the announcement in Budget 2020 of the positive change to restore the full adult rate Jobseeker’s Allowance to adults aged 25 and under.

Crosscare had called for a reversal of cuts to Jobseeker’s Allowance for adults under 26 for several years, and following its’ Restore the Youth Safetynet’ campaign launched in 2017 with partner organisations The National Youth Council of Ireland, The Irish Coalition to End Youth Homelessness, the Union of Students Ireland, Spunout.ie, and Treoir, we are finally seeing movement in the right direction to restoring a fair deal for young Jobseekers.

Whilst the news is long-awaited and hugely welcome, there is a catch: the full adult rate for adults aged under 25 is only available to those who are in receipt of housing supports such as the Housing Assistance Payment or Rent Supplement.

This means a deliberate exclusion of adults experiencing homelessness and it is incomprehensible how some of the most vulnerable young people in the country have been excluded from this change. These young people will continue to struggle in emergency accommodation or sofa surfing on an extremely limited half-rate allowance whilst faced with the monumental task of finding rental accommodation in areas such as Dublin where short supply, major competition and high rates continually exclude young jobseekers. Increased investment in housing and homelessness supports announced in the Budget must go further to protect these young adults from prolonged and entrenched homelessness.

We continue to urge the government to review this change to include job seekers who are experiencing homelessness and empower them to exit homelessness and towards a pathway to achieving their full potential.

We also welcome again the renewed investment in social housing, HAP and emergency accommodation. However, we repeat our call for provisions for security of tenure in the private rental sector which remains a major problem for the people we work with, and HAP remains a short term solution for those with long term housing need.

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