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Crosscare is delighted to announce that, once again, the Community Foundation of Ireland has selected us to receive funding from the Late Late Toy Show Appeal.

Thanks to the generosity of the Toy Show viewers, we have been awarded a substantial €120,000 from the appeal. This funding will be instrumental in supporting our vital Food Services work, providing assistance to families and individuals who struggle to afford basic food and household essentials on a weekly basis.  We work with over 800 families and individuals every year who find themselves experiencing food poverty for various reasons.

Many of the families who come to us for help with food are hard-to-reach groups that experience extreme social isolation and have multiple barriers to accessing healthcare, social support, education and employment, Social protection supports, healthcare (including counselling for children) and education and employment services.

In our casework model, we distribute essential food to those who need it while, at the same time, offering them advice and help with other issues that have led them into difficulties such as unemployment, addiction, disability, domestic violence or inability to access social supports they are entitled to. From experience, we know this model can transform lives, giving people a hand up—and not just a hand out—a pathway back to financial independence and the ability to budget for themselves.

This year, the Community Foundation of Ireland selected organisations to apply for r ‘Transformative Grants’, which offer more extended funding for their work in 2024 through this route.

With the ‘transformative grant’, Crosscare is in a position to expand our food services to those most in need. We will explore international models, such as the ‘social supermarket’ concept, to move beyond parcel distribution while maintaining casework at the heart of our model.

We are keen to work with other groups and organisations to move away from charity approaches, advocate and lobby on issues leading to food poverty, and, eventually, create a movement to end food poverty.

If you or anyone you know needs help with food and other support, please get in touch with us by Email at

Phone:  01-8913022