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2022 was another extraordinary year for Crosscare as services re-opened fully following the Pandemic.

We witnessed even more hardship experienced by vulnerable people as rising energy costs and inflation, exacerbated by war in Europe, severely affected families and individuals coming to us for support.

Our hardworking staff stepped up and did their utmost to ensure those most in need received the help and support they deserved.

Last year we provided placements to over 1,000 individuals and families experiencing homelessness. In the middle of a housing and accommodation crisis, our homeless services struggled to find homes for families and individuals who had no choice but to stay longer in homeless accommodation than needed.

Out Food Poverty Service grew, and we helped over 800 families and individuals who struggled to provide food as prices spiralled along with other living costs.

For the first time, we provided a new in-reach service to refugees fleeing war and conflict worldwide, arriving in Ireland in the most traumatic circumstances.

Our Youth Services continued to grow, and we delivered more outdoor youth provision, street work, detached work, and outreach.

Our annual report is just published. Please take the time to see how we continue to work to deliver essential services to those most in need with love, respect and excellence:

Crosscare Annual Report 2022