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#CrosscareCheckstheRegister Campaign – 6th – 9th February

2024 will be a year of voting – in referendums and elections. To Vote, you must be registered!

Do not assume that as you were previously on the register, this is still the case.

We encourage everyone to take 30 seconds to check the register and encourage our colleagues, volunteers, service users and especially young people who can vote for the first time to do the same. In the case of Local Elections, non-EU citizens, including those currently seeking asylum, are also eligible to vote.

Our colleagues in Crosscare Youth Information have set up the following easy-to-use link to help this process:


What are we asking

  • Everyone takes 30 seconds to ‘check the register’ through the link above
  • The link above is designed for Mobile phones (rather than desktops), as we envisage that this is how most people will use it.
  • Crosscare Youth Information is non-political – we want people to engage in the voting process, and one of the first steps is to ensure they are registered.


A useful guide to who is eligible to vote and in which poll is available here:

More detailed information on how to register to vote is available here: