To Lead, First You Must Follow

Crosscare aspires to be a service organisation. We want to develop the concept of servant leadership‚ a philosophy which suggests that every person can become a leader by first serving and then, through conscious choice‚ leading.  


What we believe we can achieve with Servant Leadership throughout Crosscare:

  • We are first a servant of those we lead. We are a teacher‚ a source of information and knowledge‚ and a standard setter more than a giver of directions.

  • We see things through the eyes of our service users. We put ourselves in others’ shoes to help them make their dreams come true and reach their full potential.

  • We have faith in people. We believe in them. We do not hold people down – we lift them up.

  • We use our heart as well as our head. After we have looked at the facts with our head‚ we let our heart take a look too.

  • We can be led. We are not interested in having our own way‚ but in finding the best way. We have an open mind.

Servant Leadership Training Autumn 2014

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